Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries

Securing a vibrant future for Gulf of Mexico seafood.

Audubon G.U.L.F. is dedicated to helping our region's fisheries advance
toward even greater sustainability, to protect industry and environment.

A resource is considered sustainable when it is sure to be available for use in the future. When it comes to the bountiful seafood of our Gulf of Mexico waters, sustainability means taking care to never harvest more than our ecosystem can replace. A sustainable fishery ensures the livelihoods of those who depend on the Gulf’s aquatic resources by safeguarding everything needed for fish and fishermen to survive and thrive.
G.U.L.F., a project born and bred for our region, has developed a tailored action plan fisheries can use to become more sustainable. G.U.L.F. will take stakeholders step-by-step through an advancement process, making good fisheries great, and will be there every step of the way to facilitate conversations, offer guidance, and support our fishing industry.
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Sponsored and coordinated by Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission.
Authorized by the five Gulf state marine resource management agencies.
NOAA Award #NA10NMF4770481.